Arubah Health is a team of accredited, passionate dietitians, focused on helping you, our clients.

Our Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APDs) are fully qualified, university-trained, food and nutrition experts. As dietitians, we are also classified as Accredited Nutritionists (AN).

We are passionate about helping people to make changes to their diets and eating habits to improve symptoms, health outcomes or any other goals you may have.

Our Dietitians
The Arubah Health Team

Each of our dietitians has a different range of experience and expertise so you can choose one that suits your needs.

Beth Belford

Beth Belford

Managing Dietitian
Accredited Sports Dietitian ANZAED Eating Disorder Credentialed
Monash FODMAP Trained
SOS Trained Feeding Therapist 

Beth is the founder and senior dietitian at Arubah Health. She’s dedicated to helping clients make sustainable changes by using a non-diet approach. Beth provides a relatable and relaxed environment for her clients and enjoys nothing more than helping her clients unravel their relationship with food and rebuild it with confidence.

Beth uses a holistic approach to nutrition and health coaching. Beth has a wealth of experience across the field of nutrition and dietetics including; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy- Enhanced (CBT-E), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Family Based Therapy (FBT) for eating disorders and nutrition management, SOS Feeding Therapy for fussy eaters and problem feeders and performance and sports nutrition, including eating disorders in sport.

Beth also has personal experience as a coeliac, neurodivergent person living with ADHD and endurance sports.

Ellie Allwood

Ellie Allwood

Monash FODMAP Trained
SOS Trained Feeding Therapist

Ellie is passionate about providing a holistic, practical and non-diet approach that is relevant to her clients’ needs and equipping them with the tools and strategies to achieve long term and sustainable changes to their health.

As a Monash University FODMAP trained dietitian, she has interests in gut related disorders and also enjoys being able to assist clients in skill building, particularly through one-on-one and group cooking classes.

As an SOS trained feeding therapist she enjoys working alongside paediatric clients with fussy eating tendencies or feeding difficulties and their families to overcome these struggles.

Additionally, she has a special interest in sustainable dietary management of Lipoedema, as a person with the condition herself.

She has experience in treating clients within NDIS and Aged Care communities and strives to provide a compassionate, client-centered approach to managing these clients.

Alison Stevenson

Alison is the smiling face of reception Arubah Health. She has been in administration for over 40 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. 

Alison is the first person you talk to either at the counter or on the phone and her aim is to make you feel relaxed and at ease, but also give you the information you need in a professional and understandable manner.

She is always up for a chat and enjoys particularly talking about theatre and music as well as the residents of our fish tank.

Ella Wilkinson

Accepting clients from January 2024.

Ella is a warm and compassionate dietitian and she applies this approach to all clients. She welcomes people of all backgrounds, and is a proud LGBTQI+ ally. 

Ella creates a non-judgemental space, where she really hears and understands the needs of her clients. By providing client-centred care, she is determined to empower her clients to meet their personal goals. 
Ella's special interest areas involve working with people with disabilities, improving mental health conditions with nutrition, and optimising nutrition for those navigating treatment of cancers. 
Ella enjoys hands-on activities. She likes to have fun in the kitchen to teach clients life-long skills, whether that involves cooking meals or feeding therapy for food aversions.

Our friendly reception staff can help you over the phone at any time during business hours (Monday to Friday 8am-5pm).
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