Arubah Health are specialists in the health industry. We believe in applying the art and science of human nutrition to help people understand the relationship between food and health. We can help you to make dietary choices to attain and maintain health, and prevent illness and disease.

At Arubah Health we are university trained and hold accreditation as practicing dietitians, nutritionists and fitness professionals. If you need coaching on how to support your body and your health, we’re here to help.

Weight Management & Healthy Eating

Our accredited practicing dietitians are trained to help guide you through the process of making realistic, individualised and sustainable changes to improve your diet and achieve your weight management or healthy eating goals. Our dietitians can provide expert advice on the following areas:

  • Weight Loss & Maintenance

  • Weight Gain & Malnutrition

  • Healthy Eating for Disease Prevention

  • Anti-Inflammatory & Mediterranean Diet

  • Heart Health

  • Body Positivity

  • Eating Disorders

  • Intuitive Eating & Non-Diet Approach

  • Paediatric Nutrition & Fussy Eaters

  • Meal Planning & Shopping

  • Individual Cooking Classes

Our dietitians will use their knowledge and skills to customise their treatment and nutrition interventions to meet your specific needs and lifestyle sending you home with practical strategies to help you create lasting changes.

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Sports Nutrition

Our accredited sports dietitians are highly trained in understanding the role of nutrition in elite, competitive, aspiring and recreational athletes. Our dietitians can provide expert advice in the following areas:

  • Individualised Performance Nutrition

  • Nutrition for Sporting Teams

  • Competition Nutrition

  • Children & Adolescent Sports Nutrition

  • Elite Sports Nutrition

  • Meal Plans

Our dietitians are skilled in guiding athletes of any age and skill level to achieve optimal nutrition to help meet their performance goals.

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Gut Health, Digestive Health & Chronic Conditions

Our accredited practicing dietitians use evidence based nutrition to promote good gut health and the management of chronic diseases and conditions in people of all ages. Our dietitians work hard to provide real world understanding and practical strategies when it comes to treating your chronic conditions, gut health or digestive health concerns. Our dietitians are Monash University Low FODMAP trained and have experience providing expert advice in:

  • Promoting Good Gut Health

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the Low FODMAP Diet

  • Bowel Concerns including Diarrhoea, Constipation, Bloating, Abdominal Pain

  • Coeliac Disease

  • Diabetes

  • High Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

  • Inflammatory Bowel Diseases such as Crohns & Ulcerative Colitis

  • Diverticular Disease

  • Autoimmune Conditions

  • Cancer

  • Liver & Kidney Conditions

  • Allergies & intolerances

  • Reflux

  • Bariatric Surgery

Our dietitians use only the most reliable and well-researched nutrition interventions when it comes to the treatment of chronic conditions, gut and digestive health, so you can be confident knowing you’re in good hands whether your condition is new to you or something you’ve been managing for years.

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NDIS: National Disability Insurance Scheme

As a registered NDIS provider, our Accredited Practicing Dietitians can provide advice for clients who are self-managed, plan-managed or agency-managed to achieve their goals. Our dietitians take an empathetic approach taking into account each participants needs and lifestyle.

We provide all general services to NDIS participants in:

  • Assistance with Daily Life
  • Improved Daily Living Skills
  • Improved Health and Wellbeing

Additionally, we also provide NDIS participants with:

  • Individual assessment of clients specific nutrition needs and plan development
  • Nutrition management of chronic disease e.g. Heart Disease and Diabetes
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Nutrition education training and seminars
  • Healthy cooking classes
  • Menu planning and individual meal plans

  • SOS Feeding Therapy for fussy eaters
  • Support staff training for plan implementation
  • Exercise plans and group fitness activities developed by our qualified personal trainers
  • Home visits or in our clinics at Hamilton East or Wadalba (Central Coast)
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Group Services

Arubah health has a range of practical group educations, activities and services that are designed to help you understand more about nutrition and walk away feeling empowered, equipped and motivated to help you, your loved ones or your clients live healthier lives. Some of these group services include:

  • Nutrition Presentations

  • Nutrition Education Programs

  • Staff Education Presentations

  • Nutrition Seminars

  • Cooking Classes

  • Group Fitness Classes

We can tailor any of our group activities to meet the needs of your group. Our aim is to ensure that you get information or experience that is relevant for your group.

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